Ductless, Emura Series, Single Zone, Heat Pump, 9000 Btu (Free Shipping)

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The Daikin Emura wall mount combines smart technology and a designer appearance. It features a 3-D Airflow system which ensures even air distribution in a room, and a Comfort Mode which ensures that the air doesn't blow directly on you while in the room. Other smart features include the Intelligent Eye sensor and Night Set Mode. The unit has up to 18 SEER and runs quiet at 19 dB(a). It also has a wide operating range and is compatible with both the standard hand-held controller or the Daikin Comfort Control App on your smartphone.

  • Heat Pump – This system provides heating and cooling.
  • Intelligent Eye – An infrared sensor detects movement in the room. When the room is occupied, the unit will operate normally. If the room is vacant for more than 20 minutes, the unit automatically switches to an energy-saving mode.
  • 3D Airflow – This feature combines the horizontal and vertical auto-swing, circulating cool or warm air throughout the room, even to corners of large spaces.
  • Comfort Mode – This feature adjusts the flap in the indoor unit to prevent cool air from being blown directly onto the body. It also ensures that warm air is directed to the bottom of the room when the unit is heating.
  • Night Set Mode – This energy-saving feature prevents sudden changes in room temperature, allowing you to sleep comfortably. By reducing temperature fluctuations, it also saves energy. It uses the Timer-OFF Circuit to gently raise or lower the room temperature before the unit stops.
  • Titanium Apatite Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter – This feature combines an air-purifying filter and a deodorizing filter. It can last up to three years if it is washed every six months.

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