Lifebreath - HRV, Commercial, Interior, Damper Defrost, 1200 CFM, 65% Efficient

Sale price$4,999.00


Airflow up to 1200CFM; Compact and reliable unit for installation in tight locations. Access door located on front and back, blowers slide easily in/out for service and maintenance. Field reversible. Available with an option to add MERV 8 filter (99-65-184)


  • Contains 3 AHRI 1060 Certified 68-222 HEX Cores
  • Reversible access, E-box can be located on either side.
  • Microprocessor circuit board with built in interlock contacts.
  • Motors and Blowers - PSC 1/2 HP motors (3 Speed, double shafted) and 2 forward curved blower on each stream.
  • Core - HEX CORE is a counter flow heat exchanger that ensures maximum heat transfer, low pressure loss, constructed of thermally conductive and durable aluminum. With our recirculation defrost strategy the sensible heat recovery efficiency (SRE) at -25C (defrosting) can be within a few percent of the 0C SRE (no defrost) delivering significant energy savings. Each core is tested to ensure very low leakage.
  • Defrost - Fan
  • Serviceability - Field reversible for maintenance and electrical access. Slide in and out core, filter, and blower assemblies. Service clearance 30 in.
  • Case - 20GA Galv. Prepaint (G20)
  • Insulation - 3/4" EPS Foil Face
  • Filters - Washable
  • Mounting - Saddle or curb mounted


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