PuroPAK Hydronic Water Quality Protect Kit

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PuroPAK Hydronic Water Quality Protect Kit includes:

1) PuroPal-1
  • H2O Demineralizer
  • To demineralize site water for use in the closed loop system
  • Filter initial system fill water by connecting PuroPal-1 via garden hose connection to site water.
  • Removes scale and corrosion producing mineral that reduce boiler efficiency and lead to appliance failure
2) Protect 1
  • Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Circulate Protect 1 throughout system; confirm dosage with P1-Test
  • Provides energy savings by protecting against corrosion and lime scale
  • Safe for all metals.
  • Quantity: One bottle (500mL / 16.9oz) of AXI-THERM Protect 1
  • Dosage: 0.5% system volume

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