Puropal-1 H2O Demineralizer

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The Puropal disposable cartridges are ideal for demineralizing fill water for closed hydronic systems. The quality of water, especially when mixed with antifreeze (glycol), can have an impact on system performance. Marginal water quality can lead to scaling, sediment deposits, accumulation of sludge, and increased corrosion rates.

  • Demineralized water meets the strict quality requirements from boiler and glycol manufacturers
  • Removes all the aggressive salts such as chlorides, sulphates, and nitrates which specifically attack metals like stainless steel, copper, and aluminum
  • Removes scale producing ions like calcium and magnesium that damage components and block heat transfer
  • Lowers electrical conductivity, which reduces corrosion
  • The Puropal-1 media changes from blue to beige when spent
  • An economical and convenient alternative to pre-blended glycol
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