Here are five things that you must do before fall ends.

It's that time of year again, it's going to get really cold soon. Make sure your home is prepared for winter.

To avoid costly repairs and protect your plumbing, it is important to winterize your backyard before the temperature starts to drop. This includes checking for leaks and securing pipes with a foam faucet cover.

1. Tuck away last summer

Store your patio furniture and hammocks away during the fall so it doesn't get destroyed next spring. If you can't find a space to put them in, you can buy durable fabric covers on Amazon for a low price.

2. Get out of the gutter.

Gutters can be a minor detail that are easily overlooked. It is important to ensure that the gutters stay clean, because this could lead to water damage inside your house. A clogged gutter may lead to water overflowing which could cause even more damage in your home.

3. Learn how and why to stop drafts

Drafty windows and doors can increase your heating bill. A bit of weatherstripping and caulking cracks are all you need to keep air leaking out - leaving you to enjoy the warmth this winter, rather than shiver in discomfort. Using a door snake is another easy way to reduce the chance of cold air seeping from your basement into other rooms.

4. Flip your ceiling fans

Having a ceiling fan in summer helps create a cool breeze by pushing air down towards the ground. The direction of rotation during different parts of the year can be changed to suit the appropriate weather.


5. Get your heating system ready

A well-maintained heating system is the most important way to keep your whole family comfortable once the cold wind of winter makes its way into town. A yearly inspection and regular maintenance are important to catch any issues before they become larger, colder problems.


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